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Pixlr offers a catalog of tools to retouch photos, aimed toward those with little knowledge on the topic. Along with the online editor and smartphone version, it adds desktop software for Windows with which you can complete an endless number of modifications to your pictures without needing an internet connection.

Pixlr Desktop organizes all of the effects in a tree diagram which allows you to easily navigate the categories. The first layer of tools is composed of graphic effects, enhancement, layering effects, borders, stylize, stickers, and text; in turn, teach one of these are divided in subcategories.

All of these effects are stackable, and thus in just a few steps, you can apply a border, eliminate red-eye, blur edges, and add post-processing brightness with professional results.

This tool is completely free and by simply creating an account with Pixlr, you’ll have instant access to many more effects, which are free as well. There’s also a paid pro-version with a monthly subscription that comes with many additional features of cropping, brush editing, and other effects that bring this app closer to other versatile programs such as Photoshop and Gimp.
By Miguel García
Pixlr image editor releases its version 3.0

It’s not the first time by a long shot that we’ve mentioned the Pixlr image editing tools: possibly one of the easiest-to-use retouching interfaces offering brilliant results without sacrificing depth in its array of options. Version 3.0 of its client has just been released with a complete facelift to the app and new features that consolidate it even further (if possible) as the best alternative of its kind.
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